The History of Motorcycle Helmets
By Annabelle Manoukian

The first motorcycle was invented by Gottlieb Daimler in 1885. I am not sure what the maximum speed capacity of those first motorcycles was but today in our busy society the speed means a lot. Probably no one even imagined about motorcycle helmets back then with speed not being an issue and the roads not being filled with millions of motor vehicles. But the speed is an issue today and so are the motorcycle helmets.

The first motorcycle helmet was invented by Prof. Charles F. Lombard who developed a unique energy absorbing helmet for the United States Air Force. So, the first motorcycle helmet was not designed as a motorcycle helmet but it was rather designed for aviation. Dr. Lombard patented his unique invention which was applied not only to aviation but also automobile racing, motorcycles, hockey, etc…

As people started growing interest in riding motorcycles and passion for speeding, the fatal injuries also increased. And now some motorcycle helmet standards and mandatory laws were supposed to be put in place to help reduce the number of fatal injuries. In 1957 Snell Memorial Foundation was formed for the purpose of providing independent motorcycle helmet testing. In 1961 the world’s first mandatory motorcycle helmet law was passed on. And finally in 1974 US Department of Transportation (DOT) introduced Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for motorcycle helmets. Those standards set by DOT made it mandatory for motorcycle helmet manufacturers to put a DOT approved sticker inside every helmet manufactured.


If you or a loved one own a motorcycle and do not have a motorcycle helmet please consider getting one. Sometimes a lot of the people who get into fatal injuries are not even guilty of speeding or reckless driving. They become victims of those other drivers who are speeding, driving recklessly or driving under the influence drugs or alcohol. In those cases wearing a motorcycle helmet makes the difference of life and death. Below you will find links to a great website where you can purchase a reliable, DOT approved motorcycle helmet at discounted price.

How valuable is someone’s life? Or what price can you put on your or a loved ones life? It is priceless. A hobby or an enjoyable interest such as riding a motorcycle should not become a fatal end. Consider purchasing a motorcycle helmet from where you can find DOT approved brand-name motorcycle helmets for less than the retail price.

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