Tips on How to Avoid Motorcycle Theft
By Selene Marin

Many people prefer riding motorcycles for the efficiency it brings. For one, it is one of the best ways to avoid heavy traffic jams. Second, it is less costly to maintain and drive in terms of fuel usage. Also, it is a space saver and you can park it just about anywhere.

While the list of the advantages of motorcycles can go on and on, you should also be aware of the downside that it is more prone to theft than any other vehicle because it is small and open. It's obviously easier to steal a motor bike than a car or a van.

But fortunately, there are ways to avoid the awful predicament of going into the parking lot and finding no trace of the motorcycle you've parked there. Here are a few tips to protect your motorcycle from being stolen:



  1. Use steering locks. This is actually a major defense against motorcycle thieves. Steering locks will prevent a thief from effortlessly maneuvering your motorcycle. When a thief sees that your bike has steering locks, it's likely that he'll be discouraged from stealing it, knowing he has an obstacle to overcome to do that. It is also recommended to use separate locks for steering locks and ignition locks so that there are two hurdles instead of one in stealing your bike.


  3. Don't make your bike inviting to thieves. For one, it is always a good idea to park inside your garage no matter how tempting it is for you to often show off your bike. Now if you don't own a garage, cover your motorcycle with a plain cloth, not with a cloth that has the expensive brand of your bike because this will only be like advertising your bike to thieves.


  5. If you're going out, always park in a safe spot. Of course, parking areas do not have labels indicating whether they're safe or not so you have to know for yourself. Choose well-lit areas for parking your motor bike at night and be sure not to park beside vans or other bigger vehicles so that there'd be no hiding place while thieves steal your bike. It's best that you pick a spot that's just outside the building or establishment door to keep your bike on sight.


  7. Never leave your things in your motor bike. Even if you've secluded your helmet under the motor bike cover or hid your extra pair of biker boots in the motorcycle compartment, chances are this will only invite thieves to your bike and if they don't get contented with stealing your stuff, they'll end up running away with your bike too.


  9. Attach your bike onto something immovable and solid such as strong poles so that it would take a hard time for a thief to get away with your bike. If you're riding with a friend, you can lock your bike with his so that it would be more difficult to steal your bikes.


  11. Never leave your keys. You may be tempted to leave your keys if you know that you'll only be gone for a few seconds. But never do that, it would only take as fast as a blink of an eye for a thief to get away with your bike if the key is in the ignition. So if you don't want your precious motorcycle to disappear instantly, always bring the keys with you wherever you go.


You don't have to spend a fortune on anti-burglary devices. You'll find these simple but useful techniques helpful in protecting your motorcycle from theft.

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